EL The Cook started with a simple question.

Why don't we cook our own food?

        • No Time
        • No Energy
        • Don't Know which recipe & ingredients to use
        • Don't have all ingredients ready with us
        • Not sure of what to make
        • Not sure of how it will turn out 
        • Find cooking to be boring & tedious!

 We decided to do something about it.

Our founders, passionate about food, conceptualized Ready, Additive-Free, Easy-to Cook Tadkas, allowing you to make fresh home-cooked meals in minutes!
EL The Cook is your chef-in-a-box solution to simple, fresh, healthy food.

All your worries are Sorted:

    • No need to stand for hours in the kitchen & get hassled
    • Only boil the base ingredient like Rice/ Dal as per instructions & add ready Tadka
    • No need to buy extra Ingredients or chop anything
    • Your dish will turn out perfect each time!
    • No stomach upsets/ bloating the next day
    • Can cook multiple items at the same time, just add different Tadka to same base ingredient! 

Our Philosophy

      • Premium Quality Spices
      • No Chemicals, No Natural or Artificial Flavors & Preservatives
      • No Dehydrated Ingredients
      • Each Product is hand-made with love
      • What you see is what you get
      • Truly Indian
A wise person once said "A family that eats together, stays together."
But even better is

"A family that cooks together, stays together!"

We couldn't agree more..Don't you?
Lets get cooking & #AddTadkaToYourLife