ELtheCook Founders - Natural, Easy to cook meal kits & Readymade Tadka

Aparna Goel

Passionate Home Cook, Ayurvedic Researcher, MBA, Mum Of 2, Super Practical!
Aparna's childhood was filled with memorable experiences, often darting into the kitchen where her Mum and Grandmum were busy rustling up delicious Indian recipes, always eager to learn what ingredients and techniques they used.
Using her knowledge, passed down through 3 generations of Ayurvedic physicians, she refined Indian ingredients & spices to make simple and quick recipes. 
Aparna’s Favourite Quote:
“You don’t need to spend hours in the kitchen to cook good food!”
The belief that inspired ELtheCook!

Elton Fernandes 

Goan, Chemist, Doting Father, Ex-Food Blogger, MBA, Mad Food Scientist!
Good Food and Healthy Living has been a core concept in Elton’s life. 
From a family of 3rd generation entrepreneurs and a flourishing chemist business of 40 years, Elton's overwhelming passion for food spurred a new business idea..ELTheCook!
He has always been keen on simplifying the way people cook!
After trying hundreds of tasteless additive-laden foods available on supermarket shelves, he felt he needed to do something to make food Tastier and Healthier..
Together, after years of research & effort, and help from Aparna's Mum's recipes, the concept of Readymade Tadka was born! 
Elton’s Favourite Quote-
“Food is Life! You eat 3 times a day..Eat Healthy Today, Avoid Meds tomorrow”