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Aman, Shahadra

Posted by ELtheCook Official on
Aman, Shahadra
Translated in English:
|| Masala Khichadi ||

Brand : @elthecook

Was skeptical to try this Product, but on buying it, I must say, I was very impressed. 

This product is recommended for you whether you are a student or a working professional, or staying alone or with family and like to take care of your health. This is the best option when you don't have time to cook, but want to eat quick healthy food.

The Rice and Lentils are very good quality and the Tempered Spices are full of flavor yet subtle enough.

My family members right from my Mother to my Grand-father, everyone really enjoyed this Kitchari a lot.

Original in Hindi
"|| Masala Khichadi ||

Brand : @elthecook
Kuch naya tha aur different tha pahle to lag kya hoga kaisa hoga, lekin jab packet khula toh waah ji waah kya baat hai.
Agar aap student ho, Job karte ho apne fitness ki fikar hai aur akele rahte hi ( Family ke sath rahte ho to bhi chalega 😉 ) Aur aapke pass khana banane ka time nahi aur aap kuch healthy khana chahte hai to ye best option hai.
Daal aur chawal acchi quality ki aur tadka bahut hi shuttle aur swaad se bharpur.
Apni Family main maine Mummy se lekar Daddu tak sabhi ko khilaya, Sabhi Swaad bahut accha laga." - Aman

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