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Know Your Spices - Cumin or Jeera

Posted by ELtheCook Official on
Cumin used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Cumin used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Cumin or Jeera has a love affair with Indian cuisine. I say this because of its presence in almost every dish from chaat to curries. It’s sharp earthy, peppery taste and aromatic character is a perfect compliment to any savoury dish. It is used all over the world for flavouring of Cheese, bread, curries & in spice blends.

Although it is thought to have originated from Egypt, India is the largest producer & exporter of Cumin, namely the states of Rajasthan & Gujarat. Each cumin seed variety differs slightly in appearance and flavour depending on the area where it is grown. But when looked closely, each seed has precisely 9 black ridges running down it’s length.

Cumin is a unique spice because it has completely different taste & texture when roasted and when tempered. It changes color & releases fragrance when roasted and is sprinkled over a dish to add a woody earthy flavour. Tempering makes it crisp and is generally added at the beginning or at the top of the dish.

Follow us as @elthecook explores the depth of this ‘earthy’ spice when tempered in hot ghee. Tempering releases multiple flavor compounds which results in a complex flavor profile of the final dish!
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