Importance of Tempered Spices or 'TADKA'?

Indian Cooking is based on Spices. Ancient Indian manuscripts like the Charak Samhita written in 100 BC, mention the nutritive and healing properties of a 'Tadka', beside it being a digestive and effective immunity booster!

Tempered Whole Spices impart Taste, Flavour, Texture and Fragrance to Food which cannot be achieved by any other means.

About ELtheCook

With a successful career in Medicine for over a Decade, Our Founders, Aparna & Elton stepped into their passion for Healthy Cooking!

Startled by the Unchecked use of Additives and Flavour Enhancer by Restaurants & most food companies, ELtheCook,  is an initiative to be both Tasty & Healthy!

ELTheCook, now TRUSTED BY MILLIONS, encourages people to cook, Super Yummy Meals without spending much time in the kitchen. 

Our Health depends more on the Food we eat Today..Rather than Medicine Tomorrow!